Wie Square Enix heute mit stolz verkündet, hat Final Fantasy XIV<">

Final Fantasy XIV knackt 6 Mio. Marke + freie Login-Phase

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<div align="justify">Wie <strong>Square Enix</strong> heute mit stolz verkündet, hat <a href="http://playstation4.gaming-universe.org/spiele/53/final-fantasy-xiv-a-realm-reborn/"><strong>Final Fantasy XIV</strong></a> seit seinem <strong>Relaunch mit A Realm Reborn</strong> vor 3 Jahren, die <strong>6 Millionen Marke an registrierten Spielern</strong> geknackt (ausgenommen wurden hier Spieler die lediglich im Probemonat oder anderen kostenlosen Testphasen aktiv waren).&nbsp; Das <strong>MMORPG</strong> ist auf <strong>PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 und PC</strong> erhältlich.</div>
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<p lang="en" dir="ltr">The <a href="https://twitter.com/hashtag/FFXIV?src=hash">#FFXIV</a> Patch 3.35 notes are live! Prepare to brave the Palace of the Dead! <a href="https://t.co/fUyMLFuFQD">https://t.co/fUyMLFuFQD</a> <a href="https://t.co/rBdAaZFHzf">pic.twitter.com/rBdAaZFHzf</a></p>— FINAL FANTASY XIV (@FF_XIV_EN) <a href="https://twitter.com/FF_XIV_EN/status/755247941023993858">19. Juli 2016</a></blockquote></div>
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<div align="justify">Den Meilenstein feiert man gleichzeitig mit dem <strong>neuesten Patch 3.35</strong> sowie einer <strong>weltweit kostenlosen Login-Periode vom 25. Juli bis zum 30. August</strong>. In der Zeit können sowohl komplette Neulinge, als auch registrierte Spieler die mehr als 30 Tage inaktiv waren, bis zu fünf Tage in die Welt von Eorzea hineinschnuppern.
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<div align="justify"><img width="14" height="14" src="http://playstation4.gaming-universe.org/bilder/layout/minipfeil.gif" alt=""><em><strong>Offizielle Pressemitteilung:</strong></em>
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<div class="releaseheading"><strong><font size="3">FINAL FANTASY XIV CUMULATIVE PLAYERS EXCEED 6 MILLION </font></strong></div>
<div style="padding-top: 20px;"><strong>Patch 3.35 Offers Growing Community Exciting New Content </strong></div><strong>LOS ANGELES (July 19, 2016)</strong> – SQUARE ENIX® today announced that the critically-acclaimed,&nbsp;<em>FINAL FANTASY® XIV</em> has now drawn in over six million cumulative players
globally--excluding free trial—in under three years. The accumulated
accounts reflect the growing community of players who enjoy the
consistent schedule of content updates. &nbsp;<br>
This significant
milestone coincides with today’s release of Patch 3.35 and the
announcement of a free login campaign period that will run globally from
July 25 (midnight PDT) to August 30 (11:59 PM PDT). The latter offers
lapsed players up to five full days to explore the wealth of new
Patch 3.35 introduces the Deep Dungeon: The Palace of
the Dead, where newcomers and veterans can band together for an
unprecedented adventure in&nbsp;<em>FINAL FANTASY® XIV</em>. With parties of
up to four, the Palace of the Dead is the first of many planned content
updates where players can battle through an array of enemies, avoid
traps and tackle bosses to gain valuable experience. The dungeon
features randomly generated maps, several dozen floors, and starts every
participant at Level 1 with a unique new progression system. Diving
deep into the dungeon will see players focusing on strengthening their
gear throughout their journey, as they work to unravel the mystery of
the Palace of the Dead.<br>
The free login campaign will be available
to players registered for a service account that has not been active
for 30 or more days before the campaign period. Those with active
subscriptions will not be eligible. The free login period lasts a
maximum of five days, until 11:59 PM of the fifth day after logging in.<br>
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